Monopoly, The first HRC20 token pioneering and paving the way forward to bridging the gap in Real Estate

With 2 second block instant finality.

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Our Mission

To bridge the gap between Crypto and Real estate. By harnessing the Harmony ONE Protocol, our HRC-20 token, MONOPOLY ($MPLY) will incorporate lightening fast transactions with low gas fees. We aim to make Real Estate more accessible to the average Crypto investor. By utilising the first HRC-20 token to buy and sell properties via a dedicated platform.

Owning $MPLY

Buying MPLY can give Crypto investors the chance, to not only increase their financial portfolio on a reliable, decentralised blockchain. But take the first steps to generate a property portfolio that will change the way we use currencies in every-day life. Sculpting the future of finance.

(CP) - Protocol

By useing our dedicated dApp for buying and selling properties, investing in MPLY can be a gateway for new Cryptocurency investors to enter the Real Estate market by owning a deflationary token.

(VRE) - Protocol

Just like NFT’s you can own the rights to an asset. With VRE you can own a percentage of a property, this can lead to passive residual income at a fixed rate through our VRE protocol, making Real Esate accessible for everyone by effectively executing DeFi Real Estate on our dApp.


Pioneering the future of Crypto.

Here at Monopoly we can all agree that Cryptocurrency is the way of the future, the only issue is not many cryptocurrencies are tackling the gap in mass adoption for Crypto to be used in every day life.

This is why the Monopoly Protocol was created. We will pioneer the forefront of technology and Retail investing and bring it to the main stream with the implementation of buying and selling properties with Cryptocurrencies. Having Harmony Protocol are our backbone we can utilise their Instant Finality with transaction speeds under 2 second along with incredibly low gas fees, in which other Cryptocurrencies simply cannot compare.

MPLY Features

Here are some of our key features:

Secure Wallet

Our MPLY Wallet will be available on IOS and Android devices. A chrome extension version will also be available.


The only HRC20 token tackling the Real Estate market.

Genuine Use-case.

MPLY will pioneer the early stages of cryptocurrency adoption into every day use in Real Estate.

Complete Solution

Tackling the Blockchain Trilema

Instant Finality.

Under 2 seconds transaction speed.

Exchange Listing.

We are proud to announce that we will be on a major exchange after phase 3 release. This will include 4 Tading pairs where you can buy and sell $MPLY.


Dates to be defined before pre-sale.


Presale Phase 1.


Presale Phase 2.


Presale Phase 3.


Exchange listing.


MPLY Wallet.


MPLY Platform.

Efficiency Like Never Before

The Blockchain Trilemma addresses the challenges developers face in creating a blockchain that is scalable, decentralized and secure — without compromising on any facet. Blockchains are often forced to make trade-offs that prevent them from achieving all 3 aspects:

Decentralized: creating a blockchain system that does not rely on a central point of control

Scalable: the ability for a blockchain system to handle an increasingly growing amount of transactions

Secure: the ability of the blockchain system to operate as expected, defend itself from attacks, bugs, and other unforeseen issues

Monopoly aims to bridge the gap between crypto and real estate investors by creating a cross-chain, decentralised platform for purchasing and selling real estate properties.

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Meet Our Team

Our team has a vast variety and solid background in Engineering, Computer Science, Marketing, Trading and Law.

Harrison Towler
CEO - Lead Developer
COO-Head of Marketing
Lead Designer